Environmental managers across cultures learned to draw SIMPLE

Environmental managers across cultures learned to draw SIMPLE

Dialogue at a local level is very important in order to describe environmental problems and assure a successful green transition.

Therefor Graphic Facilitation by SimpleDraw was a part of a new learning programme “Environmental Governance at Local Level” developed and held by Aarhus University for Danida Fellowship Centre.

The partcipants were all employed in environmental administrations and came from Indonesia, India, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana and Argentina.

They learned to draw SIMPLE and experienced that quite a few lines can create an overview, show contexts and explain the complex. Furthermore they experienced that it was much easier to be understood by using simple drawings among the other participants.

I order to involve and motivate local citizens by implementing environmental directives, learn to pass on new insight, ideas etc. to other colleagues, organizations and stakeholders, the participants learned how to draw icons, symbols and processes that was relevant to their work and a specific environmental challenge.

For example flood, climate adaptation, waste water, garbage sorting or smoke pollution. But also new ideas and ways to solve the problems with local support by drawing people with feelings and behavior.

Participants were furthermore given the task of visualizing a dilemma and a process relevant to their own environmental communication.

And not to forget – exercises, feedback and reflection on their visual presentation was an important part of the course too.


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